Mold Inspection Cost

People often contact us to ask about mold inspection cost. Because the cost varies depending on numerous factors, we aren’t able to give you an exact figure. We can, however, give you some general information and tell you how to schedule a mold inspection of your home.

How Much Does a Mold Inspection Cost?

Mold inspections range greatly in cost. Homeowners may pay anywhere from $300 to $3,000 (USD) for a mold inspection, depending on the size of their homes, the scope of the inspection, and whether or not mold samples are collected for laboratory analysis. Obviously it will cost more if the mold inspector has to remove part of your walls or floor in order to check for hidden mold inside the walls or under the floor, and of course laboratory tests to determine what kind of mold was found will drive the cost even higher.

mold inspection cost

Mold remediation companies sometimes offer free mold inspections, probably because they hope you will hire them to remove any mold they find. However, the free inspection they provide won’t be as detailed as an inspection for which you pay.

Since costs can vary so widely, and so can the services provided, feel free to contact several mold inspectors to ask about their services and what they charge. It’s okay to ask lots of questions.

If your home has been flooded and you have flood insurance, your insurance company may pay for a mold inspection. Otherwise, you’ll probably be responsible for the cost yourself. Check with your insurance company, though, to find out if they might pay for a mold inspection.

Do You Need to Have Your Home Inspected for Mold?

If you have no reason to suspect mold in your home, there is probably no reason to have your home inspected for mold. Save yourself the mold inspection cost and the hassle. However, you may need to schedule a mold inspection if:

  • You’ve noticed some mold in your home but aren’t sure you’ve found it all (it’s important to make sure you’ve located and removed all areas of mold growth in order to protect both your home and your health, and mold often grows in hard-to-see-places)
  • Your home has a musty odor characteristic of mold but you can’t find the mold
  • You have symptoms of mold-related illness but haven’t been able to find any mold in your home (more on the symptoms of mold-related illness)
  • Your home has been flooded or otherwise sustained significant water damage (mold is likely in this case even if you don’t yet see any signs of mold)

Will the Mold Inspector Test Any Mold That Is Found?

It depends on the inspector and on your needs. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that in most cases, it’s not necessary to know what kind of mold is in your home because all types of mold are potentially harmful to your health and should be removed as soon as possible. The CDC goes on to express concern about the cost of mold testing and the fact there are currently no established standards by which to determine safe and unsafe levels of mold.

However, some homeowners choose to have the mold tested, for a variety for reasons. Maybe they need documented proof that mold is present or maybe they are having mold-related health problems and believe knowing the type of mold to which they’ve been exposed will aid their physician in determining the proper treatment. Some want their homes tested for mold after mold has been removed, just to make sure it’s all gone. Follow this link to read more about mold testing, when it might be needed or beneficial, and to find out how to schedule a mold test in your home.

To Schedule a Mold Inspection of Your Home

Mold remediation professionals will offer a mold inspection cost-free, but this inspection is not very in-depth and they don’t usually test the mold if they discover any. We recommend calling in an inspector that doesn’t do mold remediation work, so there will be no conflict of interest. If you want to have your home tested for mold after mold remediation has been performed, you definitely want to hire a different company to do that so you will receive unbiased results. To find qualified professionals that specialize in inspecting homes for mold in your area, just follow the link.

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